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Unique Precision Engineering

UPE is located at Win 5 @ Yishun with 7,000 sq ft workshop. We provide manufacturing and fabrication of precision machining. We are also in conformance with ISO 9001:2008 for the Quality Management System.

Our Mission

To be recognized, through differentiated and innovative ideas & services, providing our customers a trusted path to excellent result

Our Vision

We apply innovation ideas as improvement and solutions

Our Core Values

Innovation, Commitment, Teamwork, Customer focus, Partnership


UPE has dealt with several Multinational Corporation (MNC) with producing products such as fabricating of machine parts for Semi-Conductor & Medical Industrial, Jig & Fixtures Modular Assembly Set, Consumable Parts and Mold Fabrication. UPE has also produced Aerospace parts as well as improving OEM parts for Automotive for more than 10 years.