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Unique Precision Engineering

A b o u t   U s

Unique Precision Engineering Pte Ltd (UPE) is located in Singapore, we provide precision engineering mechanical solution for Semicon Industrial, Medical Industrial, Automation spare parts and myriads of associated enhancements in the general manufacturing process.

With our professionals, we believe in improving the quality of the engineering production process efficiently. Contributing to the customer requirements through active participation in generating ideas to enhance the product is our idea. UPE greatly surpasses its competition in cost, productivity and performance.

R e s e a r c h   a n d   D e v e l o p m e n t

UPE Team (engineer, technician include management) involved in product research and development (R&D), participate in co-designing with customer and manufacturing process (Jig & Fixture and Machine).

For every project, our team will discusses the product development process includes the type of machine involve, most efficient process to develop the product to achieve customer requirement. We ensure in quality & punctuality of delivery date, this ensures in saving time, cost and reducing rejection ratio.


What have we achieved

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Established of UPE

    UPE was founded on October 2007, having their very first workshop based at Ubi Frontier Building.


    Reallocation of Workshop

      UPE has relocated from Ubi Frontier Building (3,500 sq ft) to Win5 @ Yishun (7,000 sq ft).

      C o m p a n y   C o m m i t m e n t

      We continue to strive for excellence in terms of product quality, competitive pricing and after sales services to achieve customer expectations. Besides giving our customers uncompromised riority, we emphasize on quick delivery and always continue improve our management, marketing and manufacturing process. We believe that satisfaction customer is our mission.

      Q u a l i t y   A s s u r a n c e ( Q A )

      Maintaining a high quality standard, our QC will inspection all product before send to customer. The tools use for QA department inspection are Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Gauge Block, Zoom Microscope, Digimatic Indicator, Dial Test Indicator and 2D Zoom Video Measuring Machine (capture photo).

      Inspection criteria are base on drawing specification namely, dimensioning, surface coating and finishing on sharp edge, deburring or chamfering, etc .It is to ensure that any defective parts is remove from production site or send back to engineer / technician for failure analysis before scrap.